Reveries of a Solitary Walker ...

... and your average thug

Embrace The Bongos
Here I am, then, alone on the earth, without brother, neighbor, friend, or any society but myself. The most sociable and loving of human beings has been proscribed by a unanimous accord. They have sought, in the refinement of their hatred, the torment that would be the cruelest to my sensitive soul, and they have violently broken all the bonds which attached me to them.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Reveries of a Solitary Walker (1776-1778)

I have been referred to as being: funny, boring, nice, romantic, polite, rude, clever, stupid, messy, pedantic, silent, shy, talkative, kind, annoying, normal, existing, non-existing, material, mental, romantic, blunt, weird, wonderful, horrible, good-mannered, bad-mannered, spoken for, single, bookworm, anti-bookworm, religious, christian, pagan, non-religious, social, anti-social, solitary, nature loving, nature polluting, nerd, vicious, cruel, helpful, loving, hating, living, dead....

The point is, that all people see everyone in a different light. Some may think this of a person, and some others may find the same person as something completely different. So, I'm not gonna tell you, how, what and who I am. I invite you, to find out for yourself, what you think of me.

Brigitte ist total revolutionäre Liebe, du Faschist

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Здравейте и добре дошли! Аз съм просто едно момче, което се опитва да прави каквото трябва и да бъде щастлив (което понякога изглежда просто невъзможно).
Аз обичам Cевим! Cевим, обичам те и те цeлувaм и те прeгрaщaм и те искхaм.

1) The WeatherPixie ; 2) The WeatherPixie

1) Sofija, Bêlgarija (where I wish I was now); 2) Odense, Denmark (where I am now)

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la chanson d'un dadaïste
qui n'était ni gai ni triste
et aimait une bicycliste
qui n'était ni gaie ni triste

mais l'époux le jour de l'an
savait tout et dans une crise
envoya au vatican
leurs deux corps en trois valises

ni amant
ni cycliste
n'étaient plus ni gais ni tristes

mangez de bons cerveaux
lavez votre soldat
buvez de l'eau

Tristan Tzara

oh wanker CN rules
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